The Way to Fix Delayed Text Messages Android Can Not Show

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The Way to Fix Delayed Text Messages Android Can Not Show

Text Messages Android

On the lookout for a way to understand how to mend delayed text messages, Android will not show you straight away? Following is a comprehensive guide on why you are getting those message alarms late, and what you could do to solve the issue once and for all.

The first cell phone which premiered from the early 90s were effective at wireless calling, setting the benchmark for cellular communication. The additional capacity to send small texts from one cell phone to another in the shape of an SMS (Short Message Service), was the initial step in the growth of the way we connect with our nearest and dearest now. The technology supporting SMS might be more than just two years old now, but its use surely has not dwindled, with solutions like iMessage continued to capitalize on it.

Albeit, text messaging was updated with the addition of multimedia, Emojis, and GIFs, also, however, the good-old text messages are not going away anytime soon. However, the distinction between messages which are sent through third party messaging programs like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, is these programs are tied to the online connectivity, whereas the SMS that you send out from your cellular phone must do with the mobile support. The matter with cellular phones recently and Android apparatus has become the situation at which the text messages are carrying far too long to be sent.

How To Repair Text Messages Android Can Not Show

As you could always find a way to find those instant messaging services to return again by linking to a powerful wireless network, the best way to understand how to mend delayed text messages doesn’t pop up straight away? If you are one of those has been plagued by this matter too, here is a thorough guide which should help you to get beyond the issue straight away.

Option No. 1 — Disable Battery Optimization for your Messages Program

As a way to create that battery last you more and provide you longer screen-on time, Google has implemented numerous different applications optimizations. 1 such attribute was Battery Optimization, which tweaks the quantity of processing power and network connectivity that’s given to certain programs, letting you maximize your everyday usage. But in the event the default Messages program in your own Android phone has been optimized for greater battery performance, this may result in an obvious delay in getting and sending text messages.

  • Head over into the Settings program on your own Android apparatus.
  • Scroll down to find the Battery tab and then get the Battery Optimization tab.
  • In the list of programs which are installed on your mobile, scroll down to obtain the Messages program which you are having the issues with.
  • Harness the program icon and then choose”No constraints ” to disable Doze Mode and App Standby for your Messages program.

Based on your Android OEM brand, the choice might be concealed under the guise of Battery Saver. So go ahead and open it to locate the Messages program and disable each the optimizations features which are there for this.

Option No. 2 — Enabled Unrestricted Data Usage

Back in the day when sending out a very simple text message was your telephone could do, you did not need to think about anything more than having sufficient network bars to perform it. But because we’re able to ship out multimedia via MMS, the issue of how to mend delayed text messages Android will not reveal is directly associated with the network and cellular data connectivity. For individuals on a restricted mobile data program, Android includes specific cellular data-saving features built-in, and by minding these attributes for your Messages program, you can make certain unrestricted connectivity for both receiving and sending messages.

  • In the home screen of your own Android cellphone, head to the Settings program.
  • Scroll down to locate the Data Usage tab in the listing of available Choices.
  • Pick the System Apps tab. That’s on the top of the menu.
  • In the list of programs installed on your telephone which are shown on display, return to discover the Messages program.
  • After picking the Messages program, and click on Mobile information, Wi-Fi, and Background info choices to grant the program full and unrestricted data utilization accessibility.

The Messages program should now have the ability to enjoy data utilization access even if operating at the background, which should surely reduce the delay in receiving text messages.

Option No. 3 — Select a Different Network Mode

Widespread 5G connectivity possibly a couple of decades away; however, there are several mobile networking alternatives available on your mobile to connect to at the current. Your cell phone is capable of linking to 4G, 3G, and 2G networks, and as you will prefer LTE for quicker connectivity, then it might be the culprit causing you to search for ways on the best way best to mend delayed text messages Android will not reveal immediately. The best choice here would be to attempt toggling between the various network options to determine which works best for you, and here is how you can take action:

  • Create your way to the Settings program on your own Android apparatus.
  • Access the SIM cards mobile networks menu then select the SIM card which you are having difficulty with.
  • Select the Preferred network kind alternative from the listing.
  • It’s possible to select between 4G, 3G, or put it into the 2G just system.

Option No. 4 — Reset Network Settings

In case you haven’t found a cure for the issue however and do not wish to do a factory reset only yet, there’s another thing which you may test out. Recognizing that stored network settings may cause conflicts with time, Android provides the capacity to do community reset, which dials the clock back on the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, along with cellular data configurations which were saved and accumulated onto your device as time passes.

  • Head over to the Settings program in your own Android cellphone.
  • Scroll through the menu to discover the Backup & reset tab, which might also be concealed in the More tab.
  • Locate the Choice to Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile & Bluetooth and choose it.
  • Now go on and press on the Reset Settings button and then confirm your actions.

The Android apparatus should now reboot, and after it’s back again, you’ll have rid of all of the stored Wi-Fi configurations, saved cellular data settings, along with the background of Bluetooth devices you have linked to.

General Troubleshooting — Soft Reset, Hard Reset, and Wipe Cache Partition

In case you’ve been experiencing extra problems like random reboots, the Messages program crashing randomly, or even the telephone freezing with no apparent motive, a simple refresh might be in order. Luckily, Android provides you the capability to reset your device the soft and difficult manner, and below are the general directions about ways to do it.

Soft Reset

  • Press down and hold the Power and Volume Down concurrently for about 10 minutes before the device display turns off. This is the best solution for all those situations as soon as your telephone becomes unresponsive and you also can not appear to find the screen turned on again.

Hard Disk

  • Switch off the phone by holding the Power button, then press and hold the Volume Up and Electricity button collectively.
  • Publish the Power button Once the screen looks, but continue to hold the Volume down Up button.
  • About the Android retrieval display, use the Volume Down button to earn your way to the wipe data/factory reset tab and then press on the Power button to select it.
  • Utilize the Volume Down button to browse and choose Yes delete all user information, and press on the Power button to confirm your action.
  • Await the reset procedure to be completed and then press on the Power button when prompted with the message to Reboot system today.

Wipe Cache Partition

  • Switch off the apparatus, then press and hold down the Volume Up and Electricity button concurrently.
  • Publish the Power button Once the logo appears on display, but continue to hold down the Volume Up button.
  • About the retrieval menu display, use the Volume Down button to return to Wipe cache then press the Power button to select it.
  • Utilize the Volume Down button to choose the alternative Yes delete all user information, then press the Power button to verify it.
  • Await the cellphone’s reset procedure to complete and press on the Power button when prompted with the information into the Reboot system today.

Final Words

As you might feel that sending text messages out, or instead of getting one with important delay might not be an issue with the upgraded media technology and faster rates, it surely is not correct. The higher variety of consumers all around the network operator may lead to congestion in the information transfer, which may be the origin of this situation where text messages can not be sent out immediately and received.

Were you really able to have a definitive answer about the best way best to mend delayed text messages Android will not show immediately with the support of this manual? Perhaps you have missed out on a solution that appeared to work for you and can help others get these text messages showing up straight away? Make sure you discuss it with us at the comments section down below.

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