Tech Trends 2019: Welcome to the future

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Tech Trends 2019: Welcome to the future

Artificial Intelligence

Past the electronic frontier: sci-fi fantasies become company variables. The new report clarifies the tech trends of this year

What was lately a daring utopia is a fact in 2019: future technology like analytics and cloud have long since gained fundamental strategic importance for businesses. And more and more rapidly, further innovations are being made which revolutionize business models and processes, such as Artificial Intelligence, Serverless Computing or Intelligent Interfaces. For the time, It presents a report on the Year’s Tech Trends. Tech Trends 2019 – Beyond the Digital Frontier: A summary of disruptive technologies that will change the world of business during the next 18-24 months, including practical strategies for implementation.

Looking Back, the Tech Trends Report was published by 2019. The world was in fiscal crisis then, but visionary businesses saw a more positive future where electronic inventions would enable radically better products, processes, and customer experiences. And a decade later? Visions became business models. One could, therefore, say with the writers of the Trend Report: The current trend is really”beyond the tendency” – the measure from the tendency to digital reality. Needless to say, the possibility of digitization has not been fully exploited. To the contrary, the speed of innovation is steadily increasing. And in most industries. After all, now, every business is a tech firm. Anyone who’s only on the path to the future for a follower has hung out. That’s the reason it is vital to utilize new tendencies in a forward-looking method strategically. So here they are – the primary tech issues for 2019:

More than just an efficiency driver: the enormous potential of artificial intelligence across the Business

artificial intelligence

Science fiction as a model for success: companies are already using sophisticated cognitive technologies like AI and machine learning how to improve efficiency and save costs. But now it is time to take your assignment to another level. Autonomous algorithmic decision making can productively change and optimize whole business processes. The focus shouldn’t just be on”austerity programs,” but increasingly on software where AI opens up new revenue streams. By way of instance, intelligent evaluation of client wishes enables the”mass personalization” that are already being implemented now by streaming suppliers. Another place is regulatory compliance in IT, where automation by AI unleashes new potential. AI will fundamentally alter the cooperation between man and machine and therefore shape the business of the future.

Creative Collision: technological macro-factors enable transformational change

It is complicated: a selection of technical facets meet today. It’s therefore important not just to examine them as individual subjects. Precisely in their interplay, they activate completely new levels of digitization. Some variables are already clearly developed, but need to be: living and working in electronic contexts ( Digital Expertise ) has been the standard, whether for customers or employees. Analytics has been used to recognize patterns in the industry – progressively”predictive,” with a view into the future. Significant workload volumes were from the cloud moved, new platform offerings enable completely new Cloud providers, and nutritional supplement, eg, IaaS / SaaS attributes around AI, Blockchain, or additional purposes.

Some technology factors, then, are only getting things performed: Digital Truth is transforming human-machine interaction. Blockchain is utilized in applications that go well beyond the well-known”crypto-currency” use case, like increasing the security of supply chains and goods. Cognitive technologies produce a new base for data decision-making arrangements. Additionally, well-established technology factors which are underestimated in the public world continue to grow: the IT division is turning to the “The Business of Technology,” an intelligent modernization of the older IT core unleashes undreamt-of possible from heritage assets, making cybersecurity a tactical dimension in the compliance issue.

Nine active macro variables that shape the technological world today. In the energy field of the meeting arise the technology trends of tomorrow, the use of which opens up new opportunities for businesses. Probably the way possibly the most fascinating of the Tech Trends 2019: Artificial Intelligence.

Link to the future: the connectivity of tomorrow

Advanced media is an underrated part of the digital revolution. After all, what would sensor-based predictive maintenance, high-definition media technologies or data company models be without the ever faster data channels through which all of the crucial information is exchanged? Many different new connectivity options are now being developed, particularly concerning range, throughput, security, and technological maturity. NextGen technologies like 5G or Low Earth Orbit satellites aren’t simply about incremental performance; they are also about a change from quantity to quality. From a certain data rate, basically, new software can be represented, for example in the region of IoT or automotive, such as autonomous driving, The Software-Defined Networking (SDN) approach, using a software layer over physical routers and switches, ensures more efficient and quicker operation. And even outside the Data Center, to which this strategy was restricted so far: The following step is Software-Defined Wide Area Networking. Generally speaking, Network Function Virtualization (NFV) makes appealing connectivity-based technology solutions, like multimedia voice, completely cloud-ready since they can operate on standard servers at low price.

IT reinvents itself: revolutionary streamlining through NoOps and serverless calculating

From operations to innovation: this is about the way the motivation behind the current revolution in IT could be clarified. The keyword is”NoOps” (No Operations). Needless to say, this does not indicate a complete loss of physical computing. Intense automation in the future, however, it is going to be possible to dispense with the performance of own servers. Server resources are bought as a conveniently configured service from outside vendors. Rather than waiting for tools, IT staff can put their energy into a whole lot more productive projects which are functionally integrated with business logic and provide a measurable contribution to the bottom line. The IT department consequently assumes a strategic, innovative function. Development is no longer tightly interlinked with surgeries, as was recently propagated in the sense of dividing silos (keyword: “DevOps“), but mostly separated. The cloud supplier now manages everyday tasks like patching, backup, database management. Needless to say, the basically changed starting point in connection with the topic has to be considered cyber ​​Risk be considered. However, Cyber ​​Security is also benefiting from the possible thickness of”digitization” and automation of IT – security is being taken to another level by NoOps.

Human-Face Technology: Intelligent Interfaces

It began with the mouse ever since computers exist, ever more ergonomic interfaces between technology and user have been created. Touchscreens are the latest massively effective level – but not the past. The trend is moving away from the”glass” of monitors into a readability of gestures, looks, head motions. Completely new kinds of interaction and use cases become possible thanks to new interfaces. The precise offline monitoring of customer wishes and behavior creates a much finer structured knowledge of tastes and customs reachable – of course, only with the permission of the consumer. There are hardly any boundaries to the creativity. New sensory technologies enable, for instance, dynamic olfactory marketing through the targeted use of scents and scents – Media Technology on the next level!

Robot face technology

Moreover, a”micro-personalization” is within reach through detectors and programs. Body data like stress levels can be assessed and used for useful services, from lifestyle to healthcare. In production, in combination with IoT and KI, Smart Glasses, by way of instance, will boost efficiency and security. A wide-field,

Marketing past advertising: data-driven”Beyond Marketing” for client interaction on a new level

Nice data world that is fresh? Only so long as the consumer isn’t frustrated with insufficient brand messages in his ever-expanding online time. Forward-looking Experience Management and Experiential Marketingrely on far more precise and relevant customer data which may be obtained through the technology mentioned previously. Result: the new world of advertising is personalized, contextualized, and lively. It’s not about manipulating the client, but instead to fulfill his authentic wishes. A more psychological, humanist strategy and a tailor-made customer experience are possible, even at the shop. This is also desperately needed because the client is known now due to numerous digital choices more king than ever. For Beyond Marketing, there are three aspects in particular – the”three Ds”: Statistics, Decisioning, Delivery. Data is the clear basis of this approach. Advanced algorithms provide situational appropriate decisions on Actions, contacts, hints up to dynamic pricing. Ultimately, the”delivery,” the transmission of this message through Media Technology, is constant and lively at the same time, across the stations from email to client portal, from the program to the call center.

One thing is for sure: with DevSecOps, safety becomes an add-on to an integral business facet

From the silo, into the heart of the procedures: the tendency towards DevSecOps cleans up with crucial points of traditional IT security approaches. The term composition from Development / Security / Operations refers to the holistic interplay of IT development and safety. Rather than retrospectively applying security aspects to processes and products, they are totally involved in process design right from the beginning. This increases the rate of development and security in general, also because it enables efficient automation. Below are some common features of DevSecOps: open cooperation with shared objectives and metrics, higher automation with ongoing audit trails, proactive monitoring, and opinions. DevSecOps also provides benefits concerning Compliance – helping to streamline today’s increasingly important strategic dimension of information security.

The step into the electronic era: transformation as a strategic task

The possibility of the new trends is overpowering. But in case you really want to use it, you shouldn’t get lost in person technologies. After all, technology doesn’t operate in a vacuum. If electronic transformation is to succeed, it must be market-aligned, socially relevant and strategically embedded. For this, it’s crucial to invest in a disciplined way: using a defined scope and quantifiable outcomes. Previous digitization projects in established businesses haven’t always resulted in the desired success. In the last trend chapter, the report summarizes how companies are able to consider the new technology trends in a larger context and combine them with different catalysts, like the development of new business ecosystems, The authors outline here a”Playbook for Reinvention” under the motto Picture. Deliver. Run. “Picture” means: early detection of trends in the marketplace enables the rapid generation and evaluation of ideas. User journeys are accepted as heed as impacts on the workforce, “Deliver”: In the next phase, concepts must be perfected and then put to the test at a deliberately selected circumstance, but fully operational. At precisely the same time links to existing systems and interfaces are assessed. “Run”: All of the previous attempts won’t work if the new offer isn’t scalable on a big scale. The implementation also includes setting common standards for all elements of an electronic transformation project, from advertising to support.

Important for all three levels: Tempo! An agile conversion brings the new offers to market as soon as possible. All this delivers to mind once more a fundamental insight that’s a must for any transformation: it isn’t enough to just think of a”new tomorrow” with excitement. What’s needed is the ability to discover a viable route to this vision of the future – a realistic transformative road map.

Digital Jump-Start: accompanies your company into the new age

Digitization opens up a fascinating spectrum of technological possibilities. To use them wisely, however, companies need to always think beyond individual technology. Discover more about the technology trends and their execution in the new report. The entire report provides a stimulating wealth of definitions, explanations, examples, and inspirations. Separate donations from industry insiders and lots of exciting case studies from top companies in several industries complement the comprehensive understanding of specialists, who have composed the individual subject chapters together. Many aspects also have handy checklists that will help you recognize the advantages of technology to your company.

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