Get to the top of the rankings

"Get to the top of Google"

Ever asked your content marketing agency this?

It's the holy grail of SEO: to be among the first search results so you get the best clickthrough and traffic. But, despite what the email spammers tell you, reaching that elusive front page isn't easy. 

The only constant is change

Google’s algorithm changes constantly (500+ times a year). You might be improving one area of your site only to find the latest big update can make your work less relevant, or even redundant. And with so many ranking factors, how do you consider everything?

Blast from the backlink past

Do you have dodgy links lurking in your pre-Panda past or have you managed to build a varied, healthy backlink profile over time? Same goes for keywords: are you still stuffing them like it's 2005?

Tag, you're it

All the tags. Meta, image, alt... they all need to be done properly and smartly. A small slip-up could cost you dearly in the SEO game.

Make sure your site gets found.

Find out how

Content is key

Google doesn't say much about how it ranks sites, but one thing Matt Cutts and co have been saying for years is that it will always prioritise sites with regular, well-optimised and shareable content.


Questions are the answer

The evolution of search has resulted in a need for content that is focused on answering people's queries in a valuable way. Of course, you still need to use the best keywords and constantly review these through looking at data and analytics and adjusting your strategy.


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