Why strategy is your content marketing roadmap

Only 36% of content marketers have a documented strategy.

Not having a documented strategy is like going on a journey without a map. Your content strategy should dictate everything you do to market your brand through content, which ensures you reach your end result more quickly and effectively.


Why you need strategy

To be able to make the most of your resources, information and data to align your content marketing with your business objectives. 


The resources, information and data you use when putting together your content strategy will determine whether your content marketing efforts succeed or fail. 


Of course, before you even get started, you need to establish exactly what you hope to achieve.


What questions are people asking around your topic? Which forums are dedicated to your field?


Your personas are representations of your target audience and are developed through surveys, interviews and research. You need to know who you’re targeting and what they like, but most importantly, what their pain points are. What do they need help with?

Content calendar.

Your content calendar is your road map. It documents every piece of content going live on your site.

Put your content marketing on the right track with a solid strategy.

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How a strategy helps content marketing

The Content Marketing Institute found that marketers who have a documented strategy are more effective in nearly every area of content marketing compared to those without a written strategy.

A documented strategy will help every area of your business, but in particular:

Measuring success.

Tracking what it is you want to achieve, and seeing how well you are doing.

Targeted customer engagement.

Rather than trying to please everyone, detailing who you want to engage and how allows you to have a laser focus.

Thought leadership.

Want to be seen as the leading authority in your industry? Write that goal down, and plan your achievement step by step.

Brand awareness.

Brands don't become known overnight. You need to keep chipping away at it, with your eyes firmly on your strategic goals.


We are measured not on our plans, but on our results. That's why you need to track how your efforts affect the bottom line.

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