Data Analysis

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Information such as this about users to your site is invaluable to a marketer. Using data is imperative if you want content marketing to be successful. And while it’s nice to see peaks and troughs and compare performance over particular time periods, the actual value is in knowing where to look and what to do with your findings.


It’s all about interpretation


A report might “look great”, but if you’re not analysing your data, it could mean anything. Do you understand exactly what is causing certain landing pages to draw much more traffic than others? Are you attracting the right kind of prospects? Why are blog readers not converting? These are the real questions you need to answer, and data is the key to getting the best insight.


Don’t let your reports gather cyber dust


Now you have data-backed insight into the strengths and weaknesses, it’s time to spring into action. Adjust your strategy based on your learnings. Can you replicate successes in one area in another? How can you turn around the fortunes of underperforming areas? Set out to experiment with your eyes firmly on your data.