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Mabel likes...

  • Having her belly rubbed


  • Snuggles


  • Chasing pigeons


I have an eye for fashion

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I tried signing up for Twitter, but kept barking at the logo.

Sleepy Mabel
Nap time

My favourite movies are..

  • Homeward Bound
  • Lassie
  • 101 Dalmations


love making friends with other puppies (especially those in the other offices in the building), finding leaves and exploring.

The best part about working for Axonn? 

I get belly rubs from lots of different people and then nap while they do their work.

I'm from leafy Wapping. You can't beat the parks here!

"Who's a good girl?"

Music-wise, i'm addicted to the "Music For Dogs" playlist on Spotify. Danny often switches it to techno, but I quite like that too.

I haven't got my license yet

I can go from sleepy to over-the-top-bouncy-hyper in 3.4 seconds.

Leaves are love
Leaves are love

I'm obsessed with bones, leaves and bellyrubs.

Me as a puppy